About Grant Stewart

Grant Stewart is founder and owner of Performance Matrix LLC and Co-Founder of Strategic Partners International with business partner and friend Ray Overdorff.  Grant's life and work experience span the spectrum from executive and corporate coach, coaching specialist and certifier, author, business consultant, and educator to professional actor, director, and acting coach.[1]  He has served as educator and implementer with over 45 years of experience in the field of human development and organizational process improvement.  Grant has been providing corporate  individual and team coaching and organizational development services globally for nearly three decades.  Specializing in strategic partnerships, Grant helps organizations and Individuals manage Strategic Change, Innovation, Cultural Transition, and Goal Achievement.  In addition to consistently gaining measurable and sustainable results for his clients, Grant specializes in working with C-Level executives as well as grooming middle and senior managers to make the move to the C-suite.

He has partnered with hundreds of organizations and thousands of executives and individuals in helping them achieve their desired results.  Grant holds several coaching certifications and continues to coach and certify coaches in a variety of sectors, including government, manufacturing, service, healthcare, and nonprofits.  Grant has been a coach since the late 1970s, well before coaching became the booming industry it is today.

Grant co-authored (with colleague, business partner, and well-respected friend Ray Overdorff) Leading Consciously: Navigating the 10-Cs, Plus 2, to High Performance, and Simple Truths with Dr. Jack Byrd and Jamie Bennett.  Grant holds an advanced degree in organizational development, alignment, and leadership, as well as undergraduate degrees in understanding the human condition.  Grant is a popular, sought-after speaker and presenter.

[1] Grant chooses to share his professional acting, directing, and acting coach background because the leap from directing and coaching actors to coaching executives and individuals was virtually seamless. Both are critical to positive and sustainable behavioral change. His business degrees, leadership training, seminars and workshops, and post-graduate education, although invaluable, the insights and experience he gained from 20 years as actor, director, and acting coach are unparalleled. This was, in part, due to the enormous understanding he gained about the human condition.