What we value

1. We believe in respect for the individual.

2. We believe that who you are is far more important than what you do, and that what you do will be significantly enhanced when you discover more of that authenticity.

3. We believe in supporting others in developing and tapping into their self-confidence, self-respect, compassion, patience, potential, and humor.

4. We believe in delivering improved results for individuals and their organizations to maximize efforts to achieve excellence.

5. We believe formal leadership is an extension of self-leadership.

6. We believe in commitment and personal responsibility.

7. We believe in uncompromising truth.*

Performance Matrix exists in support of these beliefs and values. If you share our beliefs and values, we’d like to work with you.

*We will not mislead others through omission or distortion of the truth as we believe it to be. Therefore, we are prepared to refuse to participate in the ongoing development of a business relationship if we believe that our commitment to their success is greater than their commitment to their success.