Untapped Potential:

Most of us have huge amounts of untapped potential. Typically, we perform well below our capabilities. Worst case, we become irritated and experience frustration and anxiety—even depression. We lash out at and blame others for their ineffectiveness. Enough of us end up blaming ourselves compounding the frustration and anxiety. Test this last theory by asking yourself, “If my best friend said to me some of the things I often say to myself, how long would they remain my best friend?”

We get stuck. We feel lost, unworthy, not knowing which way to turn.  We experience a downward spiral affecting everyone near and dear to us. Where do we go from here? What's our next step? With confusion obstructing our progress, we know we need help but are too afraid and embarrassed to ask. What’s worse, we don’t know who to ask.

Of course, we all know that person who exhibits extreme success—on the outside. Unfortunately, they too can experience and hide the same levels of frustration and anxiety placing enormous pressure on themselves personally and professionally. Ironically, the higher our position in the organization the greater our need for help and the less likely we are to seek it out. Too many around us are either afraid to help, don’t know how, or want us to fail. Heads of households do it too. They attempt to take care of everyone and everything else before taking care of themselves. When they’re gone, what’s next for their loved ones?

Everyone experiences different degrees of getting stuck—of experiencing frustration or anxiety at any given moment. We knew a coaching client who said, I’ve been trying to lose 50 pounds for the last 25 years.” It’s heartbreaking, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Whether you struggle because of underperforming or experiencing extreme personal pressure, there is hope. Whether it’s your career or business, compromised health, or relationships struggling, on hold, or nonexistent, there really is hope—and it comes in the form of a good coach.

A good coach provides insight and guidance through a proven process. The process helps clarify who you really are, and the coach supports and guides you by asking the “right” questions. Professional coaches help clarify what you really want. They support you in overcoming obstacles and roadblocks that keep you from getting them. Those with organizational development and behavior experience assist you and your people in achieving your strategic intention. The really good ones help align you with universal laws. The best coaches work with you to track—measure and monitor—progress and make the necessary adjustments to sustain that progress and remain motivated.

Experienced and process-focused coaches unleash your potential by helping you become more focused, dedicated, and disciplined. Better yet, they support you in transferring the coaching and mentoring concepts throughout your organization (not to mention your personal life)—dramatically improving overall performance. Coaching has become one of the fastest growing industries second only to Information technology. Dramatically improve performance, enhance your relationships, and become a better person—all this by getting a coach. Be one, get one!

Grant Stewart