What Are You Afraid Of?

What Are You Afraid Of?

The Test:

If someone drew a line and told you that stepping over it would significantly change all aspects of your personal and professional life—for the better—would you accept the challenge? Of course, you would. Who wouldn’t want to improve the quality of their life?

Now, if they said that stepping over that line meant turning yourself inside out and looking at yourself with fresh eyes. Then, discovering your fears and sources of self-doubt as well as uncovering your insecurities—just for starters—who among you would still be up to the challenge? The brutal fact, most of us, given the opportunity to change our current situation by making improvements in our self are not up to that challenge. James Allen says, “Most people want to improve their circumstances, but are unwilling to improve themselves.” The overwhelming majority of us, after we rationalize our way through it, postpone the necessary actions (often for decades—and even a life-time) to make the behavioral change that delivers improved results. It’s human nature; we’re at its mercy. Excuses differ for all of us, but we all have them.

We think and even believe we will eventually act, but here’s another brutal fact; not deciding is deciding! In truth, we suffer from an affliction affecting the quality of our lives as well as the quality of leadership in our organizations; and it doesn’t end there. We suffer the malady of self-deception. The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology agrees, “Self-deception is as easy as pie. Not only do people lie to themselves if given a reason, but they look for evidence that confirms their—comforting—self-deception, and then totally believe in the lies they tell themselves.”

The Truth:

Does your today look like your yesterday? Do you have concerns that tomorrow will look like today? Nothing changes; your business or professional success, your relationships, your habits—even your outlook on life will not change unless you become self-aware. We have become so incredibly adept at pulling the wool over our own eyes and believing our own lies that we don’t even know we’re doing it. Absolutely nothing changes around you until you change the way you think, feel, and act—and that’s the line we’re asking you to cross: self-deception on one side, truth, responsibility, freedom on the other.

The Challenge:

Here’s my challenge.  Answer this question—but be honest.  Are you ready to step across the line? The answer is either yes or no. Yes means, “Yes, I want to move forward and am ready and interested in discovering more about improving my circumstances.”  No—a perfectly fine answer—means “No, I’m not ready to make the necessary changes in my life to improve my current situation.” It’s honest; it’s real. However, most of you would like the option—not offered here— “I’d-like-to-think-it-over.” Brutal fact: either you’re ready to move forward in your journey of self-discovery to improve your current situation—or you’re not! Think it over is a cop-out.  It’s self-deception—at its best!

So, what’ll it be?  Yes, means yes, and no, means no. I challenge you to make the decision before you leave this blog! If you’re ready to move forward, great! See my contact information below. If Performance Matrix or Strategic Partners International is not a fit for you, I can recommend many other sources. If no, that’s also great! You’ve decided to be honest with yourself which is already moving in the direction of self-discovery—self-actualization. If you’d like to argue that thinking it over is perfectly viable instead of being honest with yourself, I’m open to that discussion as well. Any decision—made fully consciously—provides for the greatest expression of who you are and who you choose to become!

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