Yes Means Yes and No Means Yes!

Yes Means Yes and No Means Yes!

In a creative—expanding—universe, there is only “Yes!” 

Allow me to explain. Most of us want love, joy, and peace. As we receive them we become happy for a time—sometimes. The challenge: if a message of love, joy, and peace comes from someone we dislike, we generally disavow its credibility. Yet, we embrace the exact same message from someone we respect. It’s all about our interpretation. Our interpretations are only as good as the information and emotions we accumulate and attach to the message. This doesn’t make it real or true, only a perception—an illusion—of our own reality and truth. Ultimately no two individuals agree completely on anything—ever. We always differ in nuance, at the very least, due to our individual mental models and conditioning. The secret to joy, peace, and happiness comes, not so much from what happens to and around us, but how we react to it. Shakespeare said, “There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” Interpretation!

A law of the universe: what we express outwardly and in our mind’s eye comes back to us multiplied. This means, if we experience love, joy, peace, and happiness, then we think and express the same. When we say “No!”—and choose the negative expression—we must be aware of the law, “That which we judge, resist, doubt, fear, condemn, and defend against, we help create.” This translates into setting ourselves and others up for more of that which we express—not sometimes—all the time. The concept holds true and transfers to our organizations as well. It may not be immediate, but rest assured, we reap what we sow.

The pendulum swings but not always in the direction we prefer. As we continue to resist, doubt, fear, condemn, and defend against that to which we say “No!” then we create the conditions for more of the same. We must respect one another, focus on the good in and about the world as well as the good in others. None of us is perfect. We cannot change the world by trying to change the world and other people. What we can do is change ourselves to be more compassionate, more respectful, and begin to augment life in every way possible. Gandhi says it best, “We must become the change we want to see in the world.” Compassion, when expressed fully, becomes the glue that bonds us. As we focus on the positive in and for others rather than ourselves, we release the negative and create vibrations of love, joy, peace, and happiness. What we express to the world we experience for ourselves. Difficult lessons to understand and learn, but to get to the other side of the river we must get wet.

As we lead and live consciously we prevent the pendulum from swinging excessively in either direction. Instead we focus on truth, respect for others, and gratitude. We contribute positively. We accept what is (what are the options?) then choose a positive course of action that augments all life. What we think about, we bring about!

Ten Rules for Leading and Living Consciously:

§  Find no fault.

§  Look for the good and go about doing good.

§  Never criticize nor condemn.

§  Enslave no one.

§  Speak not of yourself.

§  Be truthful.

§  Have compassion.

§  Eliminate the negative.

§  Meditate.

§  Work

Grant Stewart